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Harris Contracting, LLC is a Certified General Contractor in the State of Florida based in South Florida. With nearly two decades of proven knowledge of overseeing all phases of multibillion and multimillion-dollar construction projects, in the commercial, infrastructure and transit, for government and private clients, Harris Contracting specializes in all phases of construction with several state contractor’s licenses in the following areas:

1. Certified General Contractor – CGC1528422
2. Certified Utility & Excavation Contractor – CUC1225964
3. Certified Roofing Contractor – CCC1334132
4. Certified Plumbing Contractor – CFC1431765
5. Certified Air Conditioning Contractor – CAC1821914
6. Certified Solar Contractor – CVC57205

Harris Contracting’s mind set is to exceed our clients’ expectations by using, CREATIVITY in our solutions to deliver quality projects safely and on-time, INTEGRITY in how we do business, and EXPERTISE that we use to complete every project with a proper plan. As we work within the communities that we serve, our motto is “TAKING PRIDE IN WHAT WE DO, BECAUSE WE LIVE HERE TOO”.

Our Values

At Harris Contracting, we are led by our values in every decision and every project.


We work hard to be a trustworthy, dependable, local company. We want our community to know exactly where to turn when they need home renovations they can count on.


We believe you can’t build trust without transparency and authenticity. Our clients know exactly what they’re getting when they work with us; transparent pricing and process, an experienced team, and genuine, dependable customer service.


As a family-owned business, we value togetherness, connection, and creating places of warmth and comfort.


We see the possibilities in every single home and work tirelessly to deliver renewal and flawless transformations.

Contact us to assist with planning and executing your next successful construction project, as we would be happy to help.

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